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March 12th 2023

NEW BLOOM 2023(9pm)

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South Lamar Planet K + TexPopATX
1516 South Lamar Boulevard Austin, TX 78704

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March 16th 2023

SXSW Official Showcase(8pm)

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Sheraton BackYARD

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March 25th & 26th 2023

We've Always Known

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The Rosette
3908 Avenue B Suite 116, Austin, TX 78751

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April 8th 2023

Close To Home(Offbeat Series)

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Daniel Fears Leaning on a Tree

Daniel Fears Finds His Own Path
Artist of the Month - July, 2021

Working with producer Moses Elias, Fears culled hours of studio time down to a powerful six-song EP, Canopy. Recorded and released during the pandemic, the music is intimate, intense, sublime. An impressive video companion is also available on YouTube.

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Daniel Fears Live Sessions
NPR Music

Yet for Daniel Fears, things went another way. Growing up in a religious Houston household, secular music was strictly forbidden. Fears caught the music bug from a different source. The more that I get into this, the more excited I am about what's possible.

Daniel Fears Leaning on a Tree

Daniel Fears

His mother was the music director at his church where he played drums, and he played trombone at school eventually graduating from UT and Yale intending to pursue a classical music career. However, pop music's forbidden allure grabbed him and we should all be thankful it did.

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